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    Consiliul Local Fălciu investește în demararea proiectului Piața Agroalimentară Fălciu, în suprafață de 400 mp.


    Șantierul Pieței Vidin Vaslui este în plină activitate la această dată depășindu-se deja cîteva etape ale Proiectului demarat cu mult curaj și încredere de Primăria Vaslui pentru cetățenii orașului nostru.



HOTEL 5 * Județul Vaslui

În luna august 2012 Emo Group demarează un proiect amplu, fără precedent în zona Moldovei și cu slabi potențiali concurenți în România.


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”We build anchors to stability people”

                EMO Group Vaslui is a group of 3 companies operating in the fields of consultancy and design of housing, social-cultural objectives, administrative buildings, industrial halls, justice objectives, health, education, agriculture, tourism, recreation, roads and bridges, water supply, technical-urban networks, urbanism documentation, studies. The services are addressed to both private equity applicants and to public investment beneficiaries and equally to applicants for non-refundable funding from Structural Funds.

                The parent company "Emo Company" was founded in the year 1994 by Ovidiu Copacenschi – former high schooler among "Negruzzi Highschool" of the years 65-69 and then eminent student of the Faculty of Construction University Gheorghe Asachi Iaşi, the route of the following years cannot be followed by outstanding and strategic posts and projects that put the imprint on the profile of the character and the group of companies that manages them successfully.

                The structure of the company on the human Resource side (the specialists in the various areas of design and consultancy) demonstrated the usefulness of two more companies specializing in corresponding profiles and thus built the two pillars of the group "Proex Company" in the year 1998 and "Arhiproiect" in the year 2004.

                The company Proex and Arhiproiect do not have a very long history, but the length of time is remarkablely compensated by imposing and dynamic projects bearing the footprint of a innovative architect and a meticulous designer.

                The architect of the group has the title of the profession following the years of study at the Technical University Gheorghe Asachi of Iaşi, is a member of the Order of Architects in Romania and of the Urbanists Registry in Romania. The passion was supported by the specialization obtained by the Master "Conservation and restoration of engineering constructions and works of art".

                Our Structures Designer has completed his studies at the same prestigious technical university in Iaşi, after specializations in the Masters of "Real Estate Valuation" and "Advanced design in the design of metallic constructions". With the start of practical activity and the acquisition of experience within the company continued for a further 8 years the research activity, which was crowned in the year 2009 with the PhD work in the field of "Optimising Energy Consumption in Construction "and with an invention patent.

                Since the term update or upgrade is no longer an unknown technical language, the human resource has to keep up with both the technology and the increasingly diversified requirements of the market and control institutions. In this respect the designers of the group are certified in security systems.

                When you do what you like, you surround a team of professionals and prove that you are an honest business partner, successful in business is guaranteed.

               We have followed closely all these considerations, taking into account the technical and human input we have, thus managing to provide only quality services to European standards. We have been concerned about the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard conditions. If the conditions listed above add other decision-making factors, such as managerial ability, but also the financial capacity of the company, I think it is not difficult to do the performance, although the economic climate is not exactly friendly.

               sediu-emo-group  Our company has managed to stay in the top because of the quality of the services, the seriousness and the timeliness that we have demonstrated in honoring the contracts with our partners.

                From the very beginning, our company focused on achieving quality design services at European standards through the use of latest generation equipment and software. The company also has implemented and maintains a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 standard conditions. The EMO company possesses the certificate No. 1737/12.03.2004 on quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2000. The price of our services is adapted to the market and is constantly reported in both quality and investor.

                   With the investments made in technology of the latest generation, we manage to maintain our market segment and face the competition

                Given the specifics of our services-housing design, social-cultural objectives, administrative buildings, industrial halls, roads and bridges, water supply, technical-urban networks, urbanism documentation, studies-we can say that We have a category of partners already traditional: municipal, residual and communal mayors, Vaslui County Council, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Research, National agency for Housing, Public ministry. Of course our services are not only addressed to the beneficiaries listed above but also to another group of partners, consisting of companies with private capital and individuals.