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EUROPEAN Programmes


        The profile of our activities has targeted us during the years of the pre-accession, accession and post-accession of Romania to the European Union, to the absorption of European funds that through strategic projects and grant we have directed to civil society and The human resources of the north-east region.

         Concomitantly with the entry of our country into the European Union, the group of companies EmoGroup added to the list of priorities the advisory and design activities for the purpose of absorbing the non-refundable financial funds granted by the European Union through Sectoral and regional operational programmes.

           The experience gained in the consultancy activity and the study of guidelines and legislation on these finances and investments led to accessing and obtaining two successfully implemented projects by the Emo company.

                Project "Development of services Capacity SC company Emo SRL Vaslui " co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational programme 2007-2013 and implemented in 2009 was aimed generally to develop and consolidate SC company Emo SRL Vaslui as a structure to support business of regional and local importance and support regional and local entrepreneurial initiatives by making available consultancy and project management services as well as Complete projects of works/modernization/outtides, etc.

                The results recorded at the end of the project are: the acquisition and putting into service of the equipment and IT systems by reconfiguring existing ones, the purchase of performance-specific software services, the increase The amount of services rendered over the previous period, increased labour productivity. As a result of the implementation of this project were created 5 new places of work and the quality of services rendered has risen to the stage of "delight of the customer".

                The second European project financed by the sectoral Operational Programme the development of human resources that has been successfully implemented by the Emo company in the year 2009 is called "Information and training for more efficient and safer work", addressed to the employees from SMEs in the north-east region and aimed at encouraging and facilitating continuous vocational training as an element leading directly to the development and adaptability of the workforce.